Affiliation to Social Welfare Council
Affiliation No:5035        Date:8 Dec 1996

Registration of the organization: 
Date: 4 Nov.1996 PAN No:30169613
District: Kathmandu Reg. No:288/1995/95
Integrated Education Program (IE) 2008-12-03
I like to Donate for this program
Blind & Disable children used to be educated in special schools, if they received any education at all with new laws in Nepal, they have the right to attend schools together with normal children, in IE This concept being the best way to educate and socialize them, the NIBDA will assist those who have enough capacity to study with their education so they can be fully integrated in society.

The NIBDA will assist the Disable Children to be educated and rehabilitated regarding their individual needs. The NIBDA will provide to teachers and parents, suitable learning materials, a dormitory program, where necessary, food, transport to and from school, etc.

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