Affiliation to Social Welfare Council
Affiliation No:5035        Date:8 Dec 1996

Registration of the organization: 
Date: 4 Nov.1996 PAN No:30169613
District: Kathmandu Reg. No:288/1995/95
Vocational Skill Training Program (VST) 2008-12-03
I like to Donate for this program
The NIBDA will assist Adult Disable Persons to be able to sustain themselves to live in decency and have an independent life by its programs as follows:
- Vocation Training Program
- Assistance to start SME's Program
- Loan Funds Program
- Revolving Funds Program
- Job placement of the Disable
We will, in a family-based program, train Disable persons suitable vocational skills so they can be employed or start their own SME's (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).
We will help Disable persons, who are able to work, to find and get a workplace.
Where appropriate, we will give them revolving loans at a low interest rate to start up a new or existence business.

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