Affiliation to Social Welfare Council
Affiliation No:5035        Date:8 Dec 1996

Registration of the organization: 
Date: 4 Nov.1996 PAN No:30169613
District: Kathmandu Reg. No:288/1995/95
Blind exchange and cooperation program (BE) 2008-12-03
I like to Donate for this program
NIBDA also interested in on international exchange and cooperation of visually impaired persons. These exchange programs may explore some new ideas for betterment in the life of blind persons and other some sort of bilateral and multilateral cooperation and assistance. The program includes following major activities:

1. Exchanging and share the ideas with and supporting foreign visually impaired trainees and students.
2. Provide information and support for Nepalese visually impaired persons for the opportunity about cross cultural and geographical experience.
3. Collecting and translating information about issues related to the visually impaired community both in Nepal and in other countries.
4. Organizing blind exchange programs with interested countries both developing and developed

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