Affiliation to Social Welfare Council
Affiliation No:5035        Date:8 Dec 1996

Registration of the organization: 
Date: 4 Nov.1996 PAN No:30169613
District: Kathmandu Reg. No:288/1995/95
Current Program 2012-02-27
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NIBDA has been implementing different programme activities for the disables and people with multiple disabilities (especially for blind peoples). These programs are smoothly different from the programs organised for wholesome peoples. Preventive blindness programme, public awareness, assistive technology, vocational training, income generating activities, scholarship support, building networks among disable, leadership development approach and organisational capacity building are some of the major programme.

CBR has a world wide network for disables organisations. Among them. NIBDA is also one of the active member organisation of CBR national network (Community Based Rehabilitation). Under the networking of CBR. NIBDA Nepal was success to provide the benefit for 500 disable peoples directly. It was success to brought significant change in their lives. We have to face many challenges but we should not go back and must grab the opportunity flying in the environment. The perceptions of general people towards the disables is positive nowadays which creates favourable environment in the society. Such progressive qualitative and quantitative changes will be documented and shared with stakeholders and funding partners as well.

Following are some of the programme actives conducted over the period of time.

Vocational training

Vocational training is designed especially to make the people capable with disability to go on job independently after the training. NIBDA will cooperate with concerned agencies for such job placement and explore job opportunities for the graduates. There are some other special courses like computer operator and office secretary which has high demand in job market.

Income generating activities

Most of the disable people have poor in background financially. They are extremely deprived by the minimum level of opportunities and access even in the house. If they acquired knowledge and develop skills from different type of activities that can support them to self sustain economically which is more fruitful to increase the social status.

Assistive device technology
NIBDA is supporting for all disable people by providing assistive device like wheel chair, catches, hearing aids device, white canes, large printed materials, Braille and provide training on daily living skills. It makes their life more convenient and beneficial.

Advocacy and Campaigning

NIBDA always trying to identify, analyse, raise and fight for the key issues that are closely related to the disables because this organisation is always in favour of disable peoples. Different right base campaigns are organised for the fundamental rights of disable person also cooperate with legally responsible organisation.

Future plan and strategiesS
The above mentioned programme and activities will be continued. Following additional programme are also planned to lunch which will be implemented in the phase wise.

National Technical Vocational Training centre/ Rehabilitation centre
A National Technical Vocational Training Centre and Rehabilitation centre will be established at own land, Goldhunga. This will focus more on job base training and skil development.

Coordination and linkages
There will be close and sound coordination with government and related agencies, INGOS and donor agencies. International linkages is major part and it will be through different means like web site, etc.

International Associated Member (IAM) /International Volunteer (IV)
NIBDA will encourage for both IAM and IV so that international expertise will be exchange and shared in Nepal (manpower sharing). And flow of our volunteer internationally.

Scholarship support

NIBDA will support those children who can't afford fees and materials. This type of support will be continued as the condition of NIBDA’s policies and rules.

Preventive blindness programme

NIBDA believes that blindness can be prevented by taking balance diet and nutrients and proper eye care. Awareness raising part is also an equally important to prevent blindness. It always adopts the saying “prevention is better than cure”.

Public awareness Programme

Awareness programme is the core functional part and give more emphasis on both sighted and blind persons. Blind people need to be dependent to the sighted people. That’s why they need such types of awareness programme.

Building networks among disable

NIBDA is also a member of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) national network which has a strong network all over the Nepal.

Leadership development /organisational capacity building

There are some key aspects that the members need to develop and adopt different kind of skills for the smooth functioning of organisation in a dynamic way. NIBDA organises training and exposures for board members and staffs to experienced such knowledge and skills.

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