Affiliation to Social Welfare Council
Affiliation No:5035        Date:8 Dec 1996

Registration of the organization: 
Date: 4 Nov.1996 PAN No:30169613
District: Kathmandu Reg. No:288/1995/95
Form for the Volunteers
Surname :
First name :
Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Ir/Sir/Mdm) :
Country of origin :
Academic qualification :
Current occupation :
Previous work experiences :

Are you an existing member of any other International Foundation, Society or Charitable/Non-Profitable Organization?
If YES, please provide relevant information e.g. position held; duration of membership etc. 

In what way would you be able to assist NIBDA to achieve its mission of “Right to sight 2020?"

How could you be able to assist NIBDA to achieve its mission and why you are interested to work as a volunteer in NIBDA? Write in brief.

Could you be able to assist NIBDA to promote its program fund?
Yes No

How could you be able to work in NIBDA in its different program entire Nepal?

Lodging fooding only
L/F with transportation
Non of above
If any other 
Please specify

How long you want to work as volunteer? Please mention duration.


NIBDA will provide you homely working environment. You will get support as per your personal request where concern. NIBDA will not be responsible for any kind of crime, death and illegal actions that’s gone through by your side and activities.

I accept
Left Right 
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